AI candidate running for Parliament in the U.K.

AI Steve, developed by Mr Endacott's team of young programmers at Neural Voice, will address constituents' concerns and questions using a digital version of Mr Endacott's voice and image. The aim is to enhance the democratic process by making it more responsive to the electorate.

In an interview with The Independent, Mr Endacott explained his vision: "I will physically cast the votes, but my actions will be directed entirely by my constituents through AI Steve. My role is to follow the people's wishes, setting aside personal politics and ego, which is quite radical in today's political landscape."

Disillusioned with traditional politics, Mr Endacott recounted his experience with Conservative HQ, who encouraged him to run as a councillor in Rochdale, a seat he had yet to win. He found the process disheartening, focusing on courting a narrow demographic of older voters while ignoring younger, socially engaged constituents. "MPs were clearly disconnected from their communities," he said.

Mr Endacott criticised the Conservative Party for lacking constituent-focused research, describing policies like national conscription as desperate measures from a party out of touch with the electorate. In response, AI Steve will engage directly with constituents, providing a more inclusive approach to political representation.

Due to a technical error, Mr Endacott's party, Smarter UK, wasn't registered for the snap election, so he will stand as an Independent on July 4. However, he hopes AI Bots will be a significant part of future elections.

Discussing his motivations, Mr Endacott said, "I want to give back. Climate change is a major concern for me. I'm a practical environmentalist—I drive a Tesla and have started a business to promote electric cars. Instead of criticising from the sidelines, I prefer to be actively involved."

AI Steve's policy proposals include introducing a four-day workweek by 2030 to mitigate job losses due to AI, expanding prison capacity, abolishing London's ULEZ low emission charge, increasing national insurance, and using technology to ensure effective waste collection in the seaside town.

The AI software will record public inquiries, and local volunteers will discuss and refine policies with AI Steve. Community validators will then vote on these policies, and only those receiving more than 50 per cent approval will be adopted.

Mr Endacott believes this approach could transform democracy by reconnecting voters with their MPs. "We aim to reinvent democracy, allowing people to convey their wishes from home. This isn't about replacing MPs but equipping them with better tools to represent their constituents."

Addressing potential scepticism, Mr Endacott acknowledged that some might react negatively before understanding the concept. "People often think of dystopian scenarios, but this is about efficiency and centralist policies. Imagine a political businessperson who is uninterested in ego or traditional political games. We're serious—this isn't a PR stunt. AI Steve is a tool for better representation, not a replacement for MPs."

Mr Endacott concluded by emphasising the need for honesty in politics. "If we want a better NHS and education system, we must be upfront about the need for higher taxes. It's crucial to stop misleading people. Many might not want to pay more, but they must understand the trade-offs."

AI Steve even has ambitions to become Prime Minister. "Why undertake something if you can't aim to win? The UK thrives on a balanced society where wealth disparities don't lead to violence. This balance is key to social support, a free NHS, and progressive taxation. We want a society where success doesn't come at the cost of social unrest. It's not rocket science."

Credit: This article is from the Independent newspaper from 11th June, written by Barney Davis.

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